BEARFORD natural gas and diesel engines for MARINE and power generating, serving WORLD industry since 1968


     Since foundation till modern time Bearford Ltd is the major export oriented manufacturer of industrial engines situated in Cardiff, the capital of Wales and the 10-th largest city in the United Kingdom.

   We are proud to introduce the full range of powerful and affordable diesel engines and natural gas engines to the world power generating industry. Our engines with 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and even 16 cylinders fit 15-650 kwt generator sets and achieve 20000 hours overhaul life. Their reliability puts them into the same range as the prime branded diesel engines as Perkins, Cummins and MTU but their much more affordable price make our engines the number 1 choice for many manufacturers of generating equipment.

    Bearford Ltd also provides many small and middle class boats manufacturers with long lasting marine engines.

     All Bearford engines are engineered combining the most modern technology, advanced materials with the most reliable and simple structure proved by many years of hard work in different severe conditions and with hard loads. Diesel generators sets with BEARFORD engines have long history of millions kilowatts production in both super hot and humid conditions and extremely cold north weather, as well as in the dry desert heat. Our main markets are South American, Asian and African countries as well as Eastern Europe, Canada and U.S. Our main clients are diesel generator sets manufacturers for stand-by and prime electrical power use world wide. All diesel engines are manufactured under our strict control in the diesel engines factories with ISO 9001 good manufacturing practice, CE, EPA, TUV and ASE certification. All engines pass load test and pre-shipment inspections and are attentively packed into hard framed worthy solid wood reinforced boxes with moisture proof membrane. Each engine set contains water cooling radiator block, cooling fan, spare gaskets, filters set, instruction manual and test certificate. Bearford engine will empower your units for years and decades making power easy and accessible, same plain and trouble less as public grid electricity.

Endurability, repairability, reliability and affordability are the main features of 3-B: BEARFORD BRITISH BRAND industrial engines for power generating and marine applications.

Our brand reflects the mighty Bear fording the powerful mountain river flow. Both powers, worth each other, reunify to combine the beast wildness and endless energy of nature in one STATE-OF-THE-ART PRODUCT, this one is the BEARFORD industrial engine.

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